We specialize in cultivation
of seedlings which have been
occupied through our grandparents
and is still running to this day.

Christmas tree for the holidays

We have been running since 2000.
For several years we have been selling Christmas trees -jodły Caucasian cut and potted, ensuring comprehensive supply stalls with Christmas trees. We sell both wholesale and direct Christmas trees.
We propose deliveries to private homes in businesses - offices, shops, hotels, restaurants.

Thanks to our experience in the selection of trees_ we provide plants with the highest quality, with a nice_ regular habit in healthy green or silver needles. Trees sold by us come from reliable European plantations.

The offer includes: Caucasian fir, Norway spruce and blue spruce.
In two classes Premium and class, height of about 170-250 cm 200-350cm. Each is packed in nets

Below you will find a more detailed description of individual trees.

  • Caucasian fir (of Abies nordmanniana) The most noble of Christmas trees.
    Tree height of 25-30 m, initially with a crown narrow cone, with age becoming more of a column with a pointed tip.
    The branches in the middle of the crown grow horizontally and are quite densely mounted_ the upper branches less pronounced upward.
  • Spruce (Picea abies) Species fast-growing evergreen tree with a dense regular and conical crown, naturally occurring in Poland. The branches hang to the ground and the needles are dark green shiny and pointed, rectangular in cross-section.
  • Silver Spruce Serbian Spruce (Picea omorika) coniferous tree species, slim and slender crown naturally occurring just on the border between Bosnia and Serbia (endemic).
    The fastest growing among the spruces_ after 30 years reaches about 15 m in height.
    Flanged ends of shoots smartly upwards. The needles are short, 1-2 cm long flattened and prickly dark green color from the bottom of the blue and white.



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