We specialize in cultivation
of seedlings which have been
occupied through our grandparents
and is still running to this day.

About us

Knowledge passed down from generation to generation allows us to be very competitive in the market. For the production of seedlings we use technologies not only worldwide (Germany, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada), as well as native.

We offer a virtual variety of _ plants and shrubs available on the market. We have more than 20 varieties of blueberries, very popular in recent years in the Polish market for a manufacturer mainly of high profits, for the consumer with antioxidant properties. It is worth emphasizing the berry kamczacka called. "superowoc" (fruit characterized by a high content of antioxidants, especially popular in the US and Japan) and ┼╗├│rawina (used in the preparation of sauces for meat and milk). We try to keep up-to-date with the newest varieties of plants in the Polish market, for example. Actinidia (kiwi mini).



55-200 Marcinkowice
ul. Wiosenna 11

tel: 662 113 392
mail: krzaczek30@wp.pl