We specialize in cultivation
of seedlings which have been
occupied through our grandparents
and is still running to this day.

Shrubs and fruit trees

One of the few most interesting varieties of trees and shrubs in our Farm.

  • Blueberries PINK LEMONADE Beautiful and tasty pink fruit!
    Blueberry pink 'Pink Lemonade' is a variant form, that grows in the form of a bush reaching 1.5 m in height. The fruit of this variety has a lovely pink color. Flowers and leaves of this variety are very decorative.
    This Variety is valued for its firm fruit, copes well with transportation. Quality far exceeds early ripening fruit varieties. Recommended for consumption, freezing and preserves.
  • Goji berry (wolfberry Chinese) Goji Berries - considered to be the healthiest fruits in the world - the fruit of Chinese wolfberry.
    Goji berries are a very strong antioxidant (antioxidant) which blocks the aging process of our body. Additionally they facilitate the regeneration of cells and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Goji berries enhance immunity, regulate digestive problems, contribute to reducing high cholesterol and decrease overweight.
  • Cornus mas dogwood Edible fruit has been used for both medicinal and culinary.
    Few plants are so appreciated by amateur producers of liqueurs like Cornus mas. Dogwood edible fruit is the main ingredient of the famous dereniówki. But it is not the only use dogwood edible fruit that is useful for. It is also useful in the kitchen and medicine cabinet.
  • Thornless blackberry (fruited) blackberry (Rubus fruticosus) is easy to grow
    Blackberry is associated with wild black tasty fruit dessert with large fruits that without any problems can be grown in the garden cottage, as well as commercial plantations.
  • Crane fruited cranberry The crane fruited cranberry berries are characterized by a measure to strengthen and refreshing, and enhance the function of the stomach and intestines. The juice prevents the formation of certain kidney stones, and is recommended by glaucoma. It Describes its stimulating effect on the function of the pancreas. Cranberries play a big role in fighting respiratory diseases.
  • Morus nigra Morus nigra flowers in May and early June. Edible fruits gathered in the black seed heads are spherical or oval, up to 2.5 cm, very juicy, sweet-sour taste. They ripen in August and then reach the color black and dark blue. It requires light sandy soil, . It does not require cutting, but it can create high hedges.
  • Cherry 'Kordia' Prunus avium, Kordia Early is beginning its period of fruiting, the variety fertile, fruits regularly. Fruit large or very large, heart-shaped, elongated, dark red. The flesh is firm, gristly, juicy, very sweet, very tasty. Rarely cracked.
  • Apple Tree Gold Reneta 'Malus domestica' Golden Reneta The tree grows strongly at first, later weakening. During its early fruitage it , yields alternately, but very abundant. Fruit medium size, skin yellow, sometimes covered with fuzzy-striped blush. The flesh is juicy, crisp, sweet wine with a distinctive spicy flavor.
  • Peach 'Redhaven' Prunus persica, Redhaven Fruit large, of up to 160g. Theme golden-yellow with vivid red blush, covering more than half the surface of the fruit. The flesh is firm, juicy, sour-like , very tasty, well from the stone.
  • Fruited pear Quince Cydonia oblonga Fruits are highly valued for their processing and flavor, they contain a lot of vitamins and sugars, macro and micronutrients. The pulp are hard and not very juicy. You can use them for making marmalades, jellies, compotes, juices and liqueurs. Lemon yellow fruits ripen in September-October. If left longer in the room it gives off a very delicate refreshing fragrance.
  • Amelanchier Amelanchier is still little known and rarely seen, and these are the plants of outstanding ornamental and usage. The fruit of this plant is rich in minerals, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium. Although they have a similar taste to blueberries, they are richer in minerals and have better nutritional properties.
    100 g of frozen fruit świdośliwy we find approx. 7 times more calcium and iron than in fruits in the U.S. 4 times more protein and potassium.



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